Little Tigers Classes

(Ages 4-5)

Preschool Tae Kwon Do classes

This year, why not give your little one the opportunity to learn something fun and challenging? Our Little Tiger classes are specially designed to provide four to five-year-olds the perfect mix of fun, martial arts, confidence building, and skill development.

This program is aimed at introducing preschoolers and kindergarteners to Tae Kwon Do.

During a 30-minute class, preschoolers and kindergarteners gain motor skill development and a sense of confidence within our playful and positive environment. Between the fun and exercise, your child will also gain greater focus, which will carry over to home and school.

Many benefits of this program include:

  • Focus and self-control
  • Willingness to work toward a goal
  • A structured learning environment
  • The desire to lead through example
  • A great outlet to burn excess energy
  • Patient and enthusiastic instructors

Tae Kwon Do offers many benefits for kids and Tiger World Class Tae Kwon Do believes that learning should be a positive experience.