About Tiger World Class

Tiger World Class Tae Kwon Do welcomes you and we wish you the best on your journey through this exciting martial art. Our school offers an international perspective not found at other schools: a perfect balance of Asian and American cultures.

Master Shin

Head Master Kwang Yeol Shin was born and trained in Korea and has taught Tae Kwon Do in the United States for seven years. Students will not only learn traditional Tae Kwon Do techniques but will become familiar with the language and culture of Korea, the birthplace of Tae Kwon Do.

Master Shin

Our school's director, Master Ilho Chong, was born in Korea and came to the United States as a child. Since then he has studied, taught, and competed in the United States for more than 25 years.

Master Chong is a fifth degree black belt and is a Member of American Tae Kwon Do Union Committee

Having such a passion for the sport and sharing a strong competitive nature, both masters have coached students at the national and international level, including Yong-In International Tournaments, The U.S. Junior Olympics and other local tournaments across the US.