Why Choose Tiger World Class?


  • Clean and safe facilities
    Our new 4,000 square foot training center provides a clean and safe environment for our students and families. We are conveniently located in the beautiful new Turf Valley Town Center.
  • A positive learning environment
    With decades of teaching experience, our instructors know what a difference an encouraging environment can make. We welcome you to visit our school and experience this positive atmosphere in person.
  • Special events during the year
    In addition to our regular classes, we host numerous events for our students throughout the year. Key to every event is that our students and families have fun with a staff and organization they trust.
  • Personal attention for every student
    Every student at our school is unique and every student has different learning speeds. Our experienced instructors individualize their teaching styles to accommodate student needs while continuing to challenge and guide them to their goals. Every student receives personal attention - our instructors are dedicated to helping all of our students achieve their best.
  • Positive Attitude
    A positive and confident attitude is important for a good Tae Kwon Do instructor. A positive demeanor is contagious and the more positive the instructor, the better the teaching and the better the student will become.


Our school and our Masters are certified through Kukkiwon, the official governing body of Tae Kwon Do
Kukkiwon certification is the gold standard in Tae Kwon Do training and is recognized worldwide. This organization is the only officially recognized Poom or Dan of the World Taekwondo Federation and sets a standard for the quality of instructor, athletic coaches, and Olympic officials. A Kukkiwon endorsed school verifies to the public that the instruction material is authentic Tae Kwon Do.
Only those who have acquired a Kukkiwon Poom or Dan are eligible to participate in major international events including the Pan Am Championships, Pan Am Games and the Olympics.
All of our black belts are recognized and issued by the World Taekwondo Headquarters in Seoul.